'Yes Minister!'

'Yes Minister!'

Yes Minister! Can help to make your ministry meaningful. Are you called to teach, preach, author books and articles or address audiences with the good news of the gospel? Yes Minister! Offers solutions to enhance the delivery of your message.

Yes Minister! Is a unique service for Christian Ministries. Offering you a range of tools and services specifically designed to make your ministry effective. From the transcribing of your recorded messages to copy editing your books Yes Minister! Can help to give your message the professional touches needed to communicate to a wider audience.

With a wide range of ‘creative’ bespoke solutions for conveying your ministry message Yes Minister! can help transform your ministry.

Working closely with you Yes Minister! Will help to capture and convey your specific style of communication without watering down the potency of your message. Yes Minister! is particularly able to help your ministry where English is not your first language.
If you are particular about your ministry’s written communication materials, or just wish to raise the level of your spoken communication to meet the needs of your audience then Yes Minister! could be the solution you need to take your message to the next level!

The portfolio of services:

Copy editing - your 'raw text' or copy, is corrected for spelling and grammar and is made easy for your readers to grasp your ideas and fully understand the message you wish to convey. This service also includes audience suitability checks, certifying content and extent of copy, consistency, layout and structure checks.

Proof reading – this can be performed 'blind' without the edited manuscript being available or against a reference manuscript or copy. Such quality checks can be carried out for any type of ministerial manuscripts. This also includes cross checking of editor, designer and typesetting work prior to final print runs.

• Creative editing - this is an in depth rewriting and restructuring of your manuscripts or recording which involves additional input and development of pages, illustrations and references. This can be accompanied with additional research and data gathering. Text and cover design concepts are also part of this option.

• Transcription of recorded messages – your recorded messages can be transformed into chapters for books, articles for magazines or other media. With our creative input even your most ‘complex’ message can be transformed into an easy to read and digest written form. This service includes correction of grammatical errors on transcription.

• Presentations - this is most useful for teaching sessions/conferences and seminars, bespoke materials can be developed from recorded teachings as well as written work. If you are looking for a series of PowerPoint slides/handouts to communicate your message internally or externally this option is worth exploring.

• Vocal / Diction etiquette – using breathing techniques, posture and aural exercises your message can be conveyed much more clearly. Pronunciation and accents can be trained to help you project yourself in a clearer manner to ensure you reach your audience in an unambiguous way.

• Team building / group training sessions – Are you building a new team of workers or leaders or just wish to solidify current team relationships? We provide a moderator/coordinator to run a range of team activities to meet your ministry objectives, these can be from the existing portfolio or bespoke for your ministry’s needs.

• Voiceovers - for your television or radio broadcasts can be designed for your ministry. Bespoke ‘jingles’ can also be created to meet your ministry requirements.

• Audio books
– books of any length can converted to an audio book. This modern mode of communication further serves to send your ministry message to an even wider audience.

About us

Yes Minister is a Christian based organisation specifically designed to enhance the conveyance of the gospel message through written and recorded media. We believe in the infallible Word of God and that God’s word is destined to be preached all over the world to the edification of the saints and for the expansion of the kingdom of God by the winning of souls.

Shola Oladipo is one of the Pastors at Kings Chapel, part of Kings for Christ Ministries in London UK. With a keen gift for teaching and communicating God’s word in music Shola has been blessed with a flair for expression of the message in a clear, user friendly & relevant manner which is audience specific.

She is married to Pastor Timothy Oladipo a seasoned teacher of the Word and dedicated preacher of the good news of God. They are both based in the UK where they pastor their local assembly Kings Chapel which is located in South East London.

Contact details:

Website: www.yesminister.uk.com
Email: sholaoladipo@yesminister.uk.com
Telephone : +44 (0) 7971 024 695
Fax: +44 (0) 208 317 6737