Before & After 'I do'

Before & After 'I do'

The vision/profile

Before and after I do, is an 'open to all' non denominational Christian ministry specifically mandated to:

• Impart God’s longevity, peace and joy in existing marriages
• Empower and educate singles considering marriage
• Minister health and restoration to ‘broken’ marriages and those   who are divorced.

Pastors Tim and Shola have a God driven passion to promote and impart healthy relationships. God has impressed the vision of Before and After I do upon their hearts following years of ministering to singles, married and divorced or separated couples as part of their pastoral ministry within the local church where they serve. With over 2 decades of marriage PT and PS as they are often called, are convinced that the health of the church is only as good as that of our homes, if we can fix the home front we have a healthier church.

Pastors Tim and Shola aim to reach as many relationships as
possible with God inspired, practical & down to earth seminars, conferences and workshops to help reintroduce, build and sustain matrimonial joy.

PT and PS are fully persuaded that marriage is an institute that does work and can last – but it is equally an institute that requires great investment and work! They believe that God’s desire is for us all to enjoy being in relationships that lead to lasting marriages where death is the only things that causes us to part. They passionately subscribe to the truth that God is still in the business of building relationships—and this includes yours!

The portfolio

Before and After 'I do' has a wide ministry portfolio which includes interactive day seminars and teaching modules as well as residential courses and workshops:
  • Marriage enrichment
  • SOS—Newly weds
  • Building strong families
  • Singles—keeping it real
  • Second time around
The ministry also runs national and international seminars which can
be hosted by local churches.

For further information about the vision or portfolio of Before and after I do please contact us using any of the details below.  
T:  +44 7917 190 123 / +44 7971 024 695